Poolarangadu Review.


Sunil Poolarangadu


The screen starts with Ranga (Sunil) buys 30 acres land. This land will be surrounded by the 300 acres of land which is owned by Kondareddy (Dev Gill) and Lala Goud (Pradeep Rawath). Konda Reddy and Lala Goud want that thirty acre land to build a canal and they come to know that it was owned by someone. They start searching for him to kill him and grab that land. After knowing all this, Ranga joins Konda Reddy group as his follower and waits for the right time to convey him that he owns that 30 acre land. Meanwhile, Lala Goud’s daughter Anitha (Isha Chawla) will fall in love with Ranga. But Konda Reddy wants to marry her. How Ranga gets his land as well as how Ranga gains Anitha forms the remaining story.


Sunil is good in his role with perfect timing and performance which include comedy and action. His dances are electrifying. Isha Chawla is okay. Dev Gill is Okay as the antagonist. Pradeep Rawat is also good.


Anup Ruben’s music is average. Sunil made all the songs on the screen electrified with his dances. Background score is just fine. Dialogues are good and neat. Production values are good. Director Veera Bhadram showed his command over directing comedy films which mixes up with mass.

Final Word:

Watch this movie especially for Sunil’s dances and performances.