Pottel Movie Song Released

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Pottel Movie Song Released

The Divinely Shankara Song From Yuva Chandraa Krishna, Sahit Mothkhuri, NISA Entertainments, Pragnya Sannidhi Creations Pottel is Unleashed

Music plays a vital role in bringing initial buzz for movies. Films that are musical hits before the release have a high chance of scoring at the box office. The makers of Pottel who are well aware of the importance of music, have taken special care, in regard to soundtracks. Already first two songs of the movie were chartbusters. On the fortunate occasion of Maha Shivaratri, the makers of Pottel directed by Sahit Mothkhuri unleashed the third single Shankara.

This divine number was rendered by Shekar Chandra, while Kasarla Shyam penned the lyrics and Sandilya Pisapati lent vocals. The situation of the song is shown in the very beginning. The protagonist played by Yuva Chandraa Krishna who lost his Pottel which is about to be sacrificed for Bonalu goes missing. He is looking for all the options to find the Pottel. In the process, he even dares to pierce his tongue with a Trishul, which is a part of their customs.

The suffering of the protagonist is shown effectively in the song which makes us emotive. The composition is outstanding, while the lyrics are haunting, and the vocals are expressive.

Ananya Nagalla is the female lead in the movie produced by Nishank Reddy Kudithi of NISA Entertainments and Suresh Kumar Sadige of Pragnya Sannidhi Creations. The cinematography is handled by Monish Bhupathi Raju. Karthika Srinivas is the editor and Narni Srinivas is the art director.

Cast: Yuva Chandraa Krishna, Ananya Nagalla, Ajay, Priyanka Sharma, Thanasvi Chowdary, Noel Sean, Chatrapathi Sekhar, Srikanth Iyengar, Jeevan, Riyaz, Vikram and others.

Technical Crew:
Writer and Director – Sahit Mothkhuri
Producers – Nishank Reddy Kudithi, Suresh Kumar Sadige
Banners –  NISA Entertainments, Pragnya Sannidhi Creations
Music Director- Shekar Chandra
Cinematographer – Monish Bhupathi Raju
Editor – Karthika Srinivas
Lyricist – Kasarla Shyam
Art Director – Narni Srinivas
Fights – Pruthvi and Rabin Subbu