Movie Title :- Potugadu
Banner :- Rama Lakshmi Cine Creations
Release Date :- 14.09.2013
Censor Rating :- A
Cast :-   Manchu Manoj, Sakshi Chowdhary, Posani Krishna Murali. Simran Mundi Kaur, Rechal, Anu Priyanka Goenka.
Director:- Pawan Wadeyar
Music :– Achu Rajamani
Cinematography :- Srikanth
Editing :- M R Varma
Story :- Pawan Wadeyar
Producer :- Lagadapati Sirisha and Sridhar
Running time :- 128 miniutes

Potugadu movie review

Story :
The story is about Govind(Manchu Manoj) who plans to commit suicide and selects a place but before he attempts, another guy  Venkat (Posani) also comes to the same place to commit suicide, When Govind asks him the reason he narrates his story that he is a software engineer and loves his colleague Swetha and she cheats him and marries his boss and that is the reason for his suicide. Next Govind starts his story and tells that his first love was Vaidehi (Simran) the daughter of the richest man in his village but her father opposes to this and tries to get her married to a NRI , but Govind’s grandfather(Chandra Mohan) gives him one lakh and tells him to take away Vaidehi  and marry her but Govind elopes with the money and finally lands as a worker in mechanic shop and there he again loves Mumtaz (Sakshi Chowdhary) and even she falls in love with him, but a drunk Govind talks very lightly about Mumtaz which she overhears him and was hurt and asks him to go away from her life and after telling this Govind suddenly reveals that he has taken poison and Venkat admits him in a hospital , when he becomes normal he continues with his story and tells about his third love story with Stacy (Rachel) and as she throws away a 5 lakh ring he leaves her and  want to come back to Mumtaz as he could not forget her, but then Mary (Priya) comes into his life and he feels that she is his true love and changes himself and gets a job. Here comes the main twist in the story . What happens next? and to whom he gets married?  .These things should be watched on the silver screen.

Review: Mancu Manoj always tries different types of roles and movies and this time also he tried to enact in different styles in the same movie and his performance is good.  All the heroines could not get much time to act but they are ok in their roles. Posani this time got major role and he acted well. Last twenty minutes changes the image of hero and the storyline. ‘Devatha’  and ‘Pyar lo Padipoyane’ songs are good.  Many dialogues were projected towards how now-a-days girls are . Movie is more colourful and cinematography is good.

Bottomline : A hilarious movie with an interesting twist.

Rating : 2.5/5