Prasanna Vadanam Movie Teaser Launch Event

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Prasanna Vadanam Movie Teaser Launch Event

Prasanna Vadanam: Unique concept, sureshot thrills, gripping narration!

Actor Suhas has been synonymous with films that dont stick to the conventional path. Right from Colour Photo to the recent Ambajipeta Marriage Band, his resolve has been strong. Yet another time, the versatile actor has teamed up with a debutant director. Arjun YK is his name. Prasanna Vadanam is the title of their upcoming collaboration. Manikanta JS and Prasad Reddy TR have jointly produced this suspense thriller. Little Thoughts Cinemas and Arha Media are bringing out the film.

The films teaser is fascinating right from the word go. With minimal dialogues, the teaser creates the maximum impact. There is a conversation at the start and the end. The rest of the teaser is designed to convey to the viewer the nature of the disability that the male lead is suffering from. He cant recognize any face. And this proves to be a fatal handicap. The teaser doesnt reveal anything about the motives of the characters around the male lead. Thats what makes the teaser uniquely tense. It seems it is a sort of a survival thriller wherein the male lead has to defend himself despite his terrifying disease, a neuroophthalmic disorder in which a patient has difficulty perceiving or recognizing faces.

Director Arjun YK, speaking at the films teaser launch event, said, I want to thank my guru, Sukumar garu. I will always be grateful to him for the knowledge he bestowed me with. Nobody else could have headlined Prasanna Vadanam better than Suhas. Once Suhas believes in a script, he gives his all. He is a directorfriendly hero. He never disobeys and submits to the vision of the director. The producers supported me in making this film a big one. I got to work with the technicians I had wanted. Thanks to the technicians and artists, I could execute my vision. The director praised his composer, Vijay Bulganin, and others.

Suhas attributed the films concept and his presentation in the movie to director Arjuns talent. This is a thriller with a novel touch. When the trailer is out, the films potential and how intriguing it is will become clear. I thank Sai Rajesh anna for always supporting him. It was he who made me a male lead with Colour Photo. The producers provided us with all the resources. Payal and Rashi have done a great job, the hero said.

Cas :

Suhas, Payal Radhakrishna, Rashi Singh Nandu, Viva Harsha, Nitin Prasanna, Sai Swetha, Kushalini

Crew :

Producers: Manikanta J S, Prasad Reddy T R
Written & Directed By: Arjun Y K
DoP: S. Chandrasekaran
Music Director: Vijay Bulganin
Editor: Karthika Srinivas R