Puri Jagannath Voice Over

Puri Jagannath Voice Over for Mondodu
Popular actor Srikanth casted as hero, introducing journalist Prabhu as director, Rajarajeswari Srinivasa Reddy is making a movie on ”Rajarajeswari Pictures” banner titled as ‘Mondodu’.The hero, for the justice he believes in, fights for those who believe in him, irrespective of the hurdles he comes across. The director said that the movie is a mixture of action and sentiments presenting in a different style on celluloid. Posani Krishna Murali, Chitram Srinu, Ravi Varma, Karumanchi Raghu, and Dr.Ravi Prakash are in the main support cast. Sai Karthik is providing music with camera handled by V Srivasa Reddy. Nagi Reddy is the editor. The post production works are almost over. The unit is planning for the release in the month of August 2013.
The latest news is that ace director Puri Jagannath to give voice over for ‘Mondodu’ introducing all characters.