Puttina Roju Movie

Tollywood Movie Puttina Roju Is Being Directed By 12 Directors.

The latest Tollywood upcoming movie titled “Puttinaroju” directed by 12 Directors, handled by 12 Cameramen and this movie is being produced in 12 hours. 12 actors are playing in the main leads. Thota Venkata Ramana is the producer on Tota Venkata Ramana Banner.

The story of Puttina roju movie is about, how 12 people celebrate their birthday on the music day dated 12.12.12. In different ways.

This movie created history by entering into the ‘Indian Book of World Records’, Unique world record and also in’ Telugu Book of World Records. The music is being composed by the music director Raj Kiran. It is a commercial Movie.

The makers are planning to release this movie by the end of September 2013.

Nandu, Avanthisa, Mahesh, Rajiv, Vinod, Suresh, Padmini, Satish, Akshaya, Priyanka, Kiran,  Kranthi, Srinivas Reddy, Prudhvi, Kishore Das and Anjineyulu are in the main leads.

The editing is being done by Srinivas Kumar Moparthi and The art director is Murali Kondeti. The story, screenplay and dialogues are being done by Jagdeesh Palli.