Rakshasa Raja Movie First Look Poster Launched

Published On: December 14, 2023   |   Posted By:

Rakshasa Raja Movie First Look Poster Launched

Dynamic Duo Rana and Teja Reunite for a Gangster Flick Rakshasa Raja

Following the resounding success of their previous collaboration in Nene Raju Nene Mantri, powerhouse actor Rana and acclaimed director Teja are set to captivate audiences once again with their upcoming cinematic venture, Rakshasa Raja.

Fans and critics alike have eagerly anticipated the reunion of this formidable duo, whose previous collaboration garnered widespread acclaim for its gripping narrative and compelling performances. The anticipation surrounding Rakshasa Raja is further heightened by the promise of an enthralling blend of intense emotions, family drama, and a riveting exploration of the crime world.

The title has been announced on the occasion of Ranas birthday through this kickass poster where Rana is seen holding a massive gun on his shoulder with bullets on another shoulder. Sporting Vibhoothi and Tilak, he looks ferocious here with a cigar in his mouth. There are two longfinger gold rings. Overall, Rana’s look is highly admirable.

Audiences can expect a cinematic journey like never before in this gangster flick.

Rakshasa Raja is poised to set new benchmarks in the realm of Telugu cinema, offering audiences a gripping narrative, stellar performances, and a visual spectacle. As the excitement builds, fans can brace themselves for a cinematic extravaganza that promises to exceed expectations.

More details soon.