Ramachari review - a one time watch

Ramachari Movie Review

Star Cast : Venu, kamalini mukherjee, brahmanandam
Director : G.V.Eswar
Producer : Venkata Shyam Prasad
Genre : Comedy – Romance
Music : Mani Sharma
Released on : May 17, 2013.
Movie Rating :- 2.5/5
Comedy Rating :3/5
Romance : 1/5


Ramachari is a remake of Malayalam super hit movie “CID”. Though the movie’s main theme is subtle of hero becoming a police officer, directors view point of showing it as an out and out comedy entertainer seems to be succeeded.  After a long break for hero Venu, this movie leads some hopes. Kamalini Mukherjee is the female lead of this movie.

The story of this movie revolves around a youngster who always dreams of becoming a police officer, right from his childhood. Failing to become so, he becomes a private detective. The Movie takes real twist when an ordinary spy protects a State Chief Minister in the story.

The rest of the story is about : how he protects the CM, types of cases he deal, whether he succeeds in dealing them, did he finally become police officer, are among other things which are shown  in a comedy way.

Venu and Kamalini Mukherjee’s pair was justifiable. But it has to be judged by audience that this flick bring their glory back or not.

But with “Ramachari” Hero Venu seems to be confident in showing audience that he is still the same ardent actor.

Rest is in viewers’ verdict.

Analysis –

Ramachary is a Total  Family  entertainer.  Kamalini  Murkarji  character is very short & and she acted like that she had given a guest role in the movie. Ali and Bhramanandam characters are good. Director tried to pull out the most in terms of comedy .it was good.

Performances –

Venu  performance in terms of action & dancing are to Improved most..  In the comedy path our comedians Ali, L. B Sriram , Chandra Mohan and Bramhanandam  have done in their own style with grace.

Technicalities –

Music could  have been  better.  Eashwer  Direction  is not up to the standard.

The script and screenplay is weak.

The movie is an entertainer. One can see the movie for Venu,s  action after a long gap and for comedy.