Remembering Superstar Krishna Garu on His Death Anniversary

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Remembering Superstar Krishna Garu on His Death Anniversary

Rare Picture of Super Star Krishna Garu

Rare Picture of Super Star Krishna Garu

In the world of Telugu movies, there’s one name that stands out, especially today, on the first anniversary of his passing – Superstar Krishna Garu. Let’s take a look at his life, achievements, and how he shaped the Telugu cinema industry.

Early Life and Start in Movies:

Krishna Garu was born on May 31, 1943, in Burripalem, Andhra Pradesh. He started his journey in movies in the 1960s, making his debut in “Tene Manasulu” (1965). Little did everyone know that he would become a game-changer in Telugu cinema.

Action Hero:

Krishna Garu wasn’t just a movie star; he was known for his incredible action scenes. His daring stunts and strong presence on-screen set a new standard for heroism in Telugu films. Movies like “Simhasanam” (1986) and “Kondaveeti Simham” (1981) showcased his action-hero side.


While he wowed audiences with action, Krishna Garu also showed his versatility in different roles. From making us laugh in “Mosagallaku Mosagadu” (1971) to giving intense performances in “Alluri Seetharama Raju” (1974), he proved he could do it all.

Awards and More:

Krishna Garu’s talent didn’t go unnoticed. He won the Nandi Award for Best Actor several times, and the government of Andhra Pradesh gave him the prestigious Raghupathi Venkaiah Award for his outstanding contributions to Telugu cinema.

Beyond Movies:

Apart from acting, Krishna Garu tried his hand at film production with Padmalaya Studios. He also stepped into politics, showing his dedication to serving the public.


Superstar Krishna Garu’s impact is not just in his movies but in the hearts of fans for generations. His influence can be seen in actors and filmmakers who came after him.