Ritika DudaniRitika dudani,  made her debut in Tollywood from the movie “Naku O Loverundi”. She has played the lead role in the movie.

Here comes our conversation details with her.

Tell us about your background?

I remember being pampered as a child and then remember being taught the values that rule our lives by my sweet and lovely mom. These values have guided me through all these years and I’m sure things would be just the same till the day as well. I always wanted to be a nice and wonderful daughter and thus, I worked pretty hard at studies. And I completed Engineering and then now MBA before entering into this field and making it my profession.

How did modeling happen? 

While studying, I always indulged in various extra-curricular cultural activities. These activities including intra and inter-college fests where I participated in dramatics and fashion shows. The good reviews and the appreciation gave me the confidence to try my hand at modeling in a professional manner as well. And with time, I realized I enjoyed being part of the glamour world. And things haven’t changed even one bit as yet. And I doubt if ever things will change.

What made your attraction towards cine field?

As already stated, I was always into dramatics and modeling even while I was at School or College. Once I got into modeling, I realized I enjoyed being part of the glamour world. A few eminent people noticed me and asked me to visit their office. I didn’t realize that this meeting was an offer to act till I actually visited their office. I’ve loved every bit of my acting career and would love to act even when I turn into an 80-year-old granny.

Please let us know about your other achievements related to cinema/modeling?

I’ve been part of beauty pageants like “Miss Mumbai” and have acted in quite a few Television Shows on National GECs. These certainly are an achievement for a girl who always studied pretty hard to prove. But I’m not even close to being content. I know I’ve just started the journey that will probably help me climb the ladder to success. 

How you got opportunity to work in “Naku O lover undi”?

Attending meetings and look tests are part of an actor’s life. And in the same way, I attended a meeting with the Producer of Sri Siva Parvati combines Suresh sir, Director Ram Venky sir and the cameraman Jahn sir. And I was fortunate that this meeting was enough to get me this wonderful role. I thank my producer, friends and well-wishers. I also thank Suresh sir’s wife and sister and yeah, I thank my lovely mom for being my strength all through.

What was your initial reaction when you came to know that you were finalized to play the lead role in “Nako O Lover undi”?

To be frank, the first reaction was more shocking than anything else. I’d just attended one meeting and then hoped that I would get a call for the look test. But instead, I got a call that informed me that I’d been finalized for the lead role in “Naku O Lover Undi”. My producer managed to notice some spark in me. And I truly hope that this spark is noticed by the industry J

How was your experience working with “Krishnudu”?

This was certainly a blessing in disguise. Krishnudu is a huge star and I was a little apprehensive about how my experience would be. But as soon as he stepped on to the sets, he made it evident that he would be a wonderful co-star. He made me feel extremely comfortable. He helped me in every possible way. And yeah, he is simply amazing with his comic timing and sense. And his presence was a learning experience. I would thank him for making me feel more confident about comedy. Hope he feels proud of his student as well… J

What were the challenges faced by you in Tollywood?

Language and working hours were a challenge to begin with. The call times are pretty early in Tollywood and I took a couple of days to get a hang of the timings. And initially, I felt utterly confused as I couldn’t understand a thing that was being spoken all around me. But within no time, I felt like I belonged here. And then, things became fantastic.

Have you ever worked for any commercials?

Yeah, I’ve been part of a few commercials. I’ve done a Pepsi Ad with Ranbir Kapoor at the start of my career. Then, I’ve also featured in Ads like Ayur shampoo, Moov, ICICI Prudential, Everest Masala and a few others. I would love to do a few good commercials now. Hope the commercial makers and brands are reading this.J

What kind of cinema grabs your attention?

Cinema, in general, grabs my attention. I’ve a huge appetite for films. I love laughing while watching super cool comedy and family entertainers. I love crying while watching emotional movies. And I also love getting serious and a little confused while watching Art House stuff.

Have you ever worked in any other industries like Bollywood/kollywood?

I’m nearly in final stages of signing a Bollywood movie. I will definitely let u all know.

What are your future projects?

I have worked hard in this project, now the producers need to sign me for my future project. JOn a serious note; I’m in touch with a few producers and makers and might sign something soon.

Your favorite Movies?

“Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai”, “DDLJ” or probably, any other SRK movie.

Your favorite Actor?

I guess the previous question pretty much answers this question.SRK…Hands down.

Who is your role model?

My Mother.

What is your aim in life?

Live and let live… J Want to be part of cinema that manages to have an impact on at least a few people. Want to succeed at entertaining people through my performances and movies. I’m here to stay… J

Would you like to pass on any message to your fans?

First and foremost, I want all my fans to be happy in life. Secondly, I want my fans to continue blessing me the way they have till date. And last but not the least, I want my fans to ask the producers to sign me for at least 30 movies in a year.

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