RK Cinema,AA Creations Production No.1 Movie Launched

Published On: December 24, 2023   |   Posted By:

RK Cinema,AA Creations Production No.1 Movie Launched

RK Cinema and AA Creations proudly announce the official launch of their much-anticipated Production No.1 Movie, marking a significant stride in promoting new talent and embracing diversity in filmmaking. The initiation of this cinematic journey was marked by a traditional pooja ceremony, attended by the enthusiastic members of the film unit.

Stepping into the director’s chair for the first time, Surya Prakash Veda is set to make his directorial debut with this exciting project. Serving as the backbone of this venture, the overseas distribution company  AA Creations, led by Phani Mutyala, and the accomplished Raghu Kunche are joining forces as producers to bring this vision to life.

Adding visual magic to the frames is the talented cinematographer Jagan Chavali, while the soulful melodies are crafted by none other than the versatile music director Raghu Kunche.

Anticipation runs high as the production team has revealed plans to kick off filming in January, aiming to carry out shooting simultaneously for a seamless production process. The film unit is geared up for an ambitious project that not only encourages fresh faces but also promises a diverse and engaging cinematic experience.

As the project progresses, details regarding the cast and crew, including actors and technicians, will be unveiled soon, adding another layer of excitement to this much-awaited cinematic endeavor. Stay tuned for updates as AA Creations and RK Cinema embark on this creative journey to redefine storytelling in the world of cinema.