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Rushi Review.


The screen starts with Rushi (Aravind Krishna) an arrogant medico, who is the inspiration for his co students and professors slowly. Pooja (Supriya Sailaja) and Rushi will fall in love after few misunderstandings in their friendship. Rushi provides support for Karthik, a seven year old boy in an emergency. That irritates the authorities and they severely reproof him for treating a seven year old child without experience. Rushi understands that Karthik is suffering from heart disorder and there is a need of heart transplant. Later on, Rushi suffers with brain tumor and wants his heart to be transplanted for Karthik. How Rushi struggles legally  in his battle to save Karthik forms the story.


Aravind Krishna’s performance is good throughout the film. His dialogue delivery is also okay. Sailaja Supriya’s confident performance is an asset. Suresh is good as an arrogant professor. Direction is good and is mind blowing in few scenes.Tribhuvan Babu’s Cinematography and Sreekar Prasad’s editing is outstanding.
Final Word:

Rushi is a different story with good production values. This is a feel good film in recent days. People who are looking for a change can watch this film.