S Janaki, popularly known as Shavukaru Janaki born on 12th December 1931 at Rajahmundry,in East Godavari district of A P. A stage actress turned film actress is a popular actress in the early Telugu Cinema.

Janaki acted in many Tamil stage plays with ace director K.Balachanders troupe.

Actress Krishna Kumari is her younger sister. In the film Kanyasulkam her action as an innocent Young widow along with N T R (gireesam) is memorable.

In the film Dr.Chakravarthi she lived in the role of A N R’s arrogant wife.

In the film Manchikutumbam (Tamil original”Motor Sunderam Pillai) she performed the role of A N R’s wife.

Janaki (as Thayaramma) along with Kaikala Sathyanarayana (Bangarayya) acted in the film Thayaramma, to set right the family misunderstandings.

Janaki’s action as a maid Servant along with Gollapudi Maruthi Rao and Suhasini, in the film Samsaram Oka Chadarangam can be termed as the best in her acting career (The same role played by Manorama in the Tamil Version)

Her action was superb as a blind wife of Akkineni Nageswara Rao in the film Manchi Manasulu directed by Adurthi Subba Rao.

Her funny dance steps with the song Pandavulu pandavulu thummeda panchapandavuloyamma thummeda in the film Akka chellelu at the age of 39 is commendable.

In the film Bhale Kodallu, Janaki played the role of S V Ranga Rao’s Daughter-in-law with excellent delivery of action.

Janaki’s main hobby is cooking. She is a very good cook.

There is a talk that she runs a Restaurant at Thousand lights area in Chennai (Details not known)

Apart from Telugu she has acted in many Tamil hit movies.

Actress Shavukaru Janaki’s selected List of Telugu Films:-

  1. 1.       Shavukaru(1950 –directed by L V Prasad)
  2. 2.       Pitchi Pullaiah(1953)
  3. Vaddante Dabbu(1954)
  4. 4.       Rojulu Marayi(1955)
  5. 5.       Kanyasulkam(1955)
  6. 6.       Nagula Chavithi(1956)
  7. 7.       Jayam Manade(1956)
  8. 8.       Charanadasi(1956)
  9. 9.       Panduranga Mahathyam(1957)
  10. 10.   Bhagyarekha(1957)
  11. 11.   Alumagalu(1957)
  12. 12.   Mundadugu(1958)
  13. 13.   Rechukka Pagatichukka(1959)
  14. 14.   Pempudu koothuru(1963)
  15. 15.   Manchi Manasulu(1963)
  16. 16.   Dr.Chakravarthi(1964)
  17. 17.   Manchi kutumbam(1966)
  18. 18.   Bhale Kodallu(1968)
  19. 19.   Akka Chellelu(1970)
  20. 20.   Nakoo swathanthram vacchindi(1975)
  21. 21.   Thayaramma Bangarayya(1979)
  22. 22.   Gopalaravugari ammayi(1980)
  23. 23.   Tingurangadu(1982)
  24. 24.   Samsaram oka chadarangam(1987)
  25. 25.   Majnu(1987)
  26. 26.   Geethanjali(1989)
  27. 27.   Madam(1993)
  28. Subhakankshalu(1997)
  29. 29.   Yela cheppanu(2003)  

Janaki has also acted in Many Tamil and Kanada films.

Today is Shavkaru Janki’s 80th birthday.

Business of Tollywood extends its birthday wishes to this actress of early Telugu cinema.