For the tollywood audience, Samantha is an actress that will be remembered for her impeccable beauty, a very earthy charm, an amazing talent to do any role with ease and not to forget, her cute little belly button. Be it in film events or in movies, Samantha never fails to flaunt the little belly button of hers which adds in its own measure to the actress’ glamour quotient.

From her first film ‘Ye Maya Chesave’ Samantha grew immensely as an actress from the seclusive and moody girl to the bubbly and energetic girl. The belly button which was no where in sight in “Ye Maya Chesave” suddenly grabbed everyone’s attention in the audio release function of “Dookudu” where the actress was seen wearing a fluorescent green saree. Since then, Samantha’s belly button has never gone unnoticed making its appearance in almost every movie.

In her recent movies “Attarintiki Daredi” and “Ramayya Vastavayya”, the belly button was seen even more prominently what with the actress being seen mostly in revealing Indian clothes and has managed to create a sensation of its own.Such is the popularity of this belly button that it has inspired many other contemporary actresses of Samantha’s, like Shruti Hasaan to go ahead and get one for themselves.