Sarkaaru Noukari Movie Trailer Launch Event

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Sarkaaru Noukari Movie Trailer Launch Event

Star directors Shekhar Kammula and Anil Ravipudi graced Sarkaaru Noukari trailer launch event

Famous singer Sunitas son Akash is introduced as the hero in the film Sarkaru Naukari. Bhavana is playing the heroine in this movie. Sarkaru Naukari is being produced by director Raghavendra Rao under the banner of RK Tele Show. Directed by Gangnamoni Shekhar. The movie Sarkaru Naukari is grandly releasing in the theaters on January 1 on the occasion of New Year. The trailer release event of this movie was held in Hyderabad on Wednesday. Director VN Aditya, writer BVSN Ravi and film team members participated in this program. On this occasion

Director Raghavendra Rao said There were times when I made seven or eight films a year as a director. Now the trend has changed. Directors like Shekhar Kammula and Anil Ravipudi have been making one film for two or three years. However, the audience are eagerly waiting for their films. It means that Shekhar and Anil have impressed the audience with their directorial talent. Shekhar Kammula has proved that films can be made differently from routine format stories and it will still be successful. I like his Anand and Happy Days very much. Anil Ravipudi started with Pataas and today he did a super hit movie like Bhagavanth Kesari with Balakrishna. He will soon do a movie with Megastar tomorrow. He is my favorite director. I introduced many new actors through my films. I introduced heroes like Venkatesh, Mahesh Babu, NTR. They are all great starts now. I wish Akash, who is making his debut with the movie Sarkaaru Naukari, also to get good name as a hero.

He added, After watching his performance in this movie, it seemed that no other hero could do justice to this story. Also heroine Bhavana, a theatre artist. Looking at her performance, it seemed that she would become famous like Savitri. After watching Panchatantra Kathalu, I called Shekhar and gave him the check. He was so shocked and I told him that he is making a film under our banner. Panchantra Kathalu impressed me. Tanikella Bharani and other actors all acted well in this movie. VN Aditya supported me a lot in making this film. Sarkaaru Naukari has got a good team. Musician Sandeep worked with Keeravani for the movie Bimbisara and he gave good music for this movie. You will love Sarkaru Naukari. I want to see it in theaters. I only produced this movie and I didnt even direct a single shot in the film. Sarkaru Naukari is not my kind of movie. I have also done films with similar content in the past. The story goes emotionally. I watch all the movies and that is why contacts with the current directors have increased. I call and talk to directors who made good movies. The biggest satisfaction in my life as a director is that I have been able to do all kinds of films including devotional stories like Annamayya.

Director Anil Ravipudi said I saw the trailer of Sarkaaru Naukari. It looks very good. This is a movie made with nativity. All the best to Akash, Bhavana, Director Shekhar and Sunita garu. Your movie is releasing on New Years Day and I wish you good success. Director Raghavendra Rao is like a teacher to us. Those of us who grew up watching his films and came into the industry, even if we get a small appreciation from him, we consider it as a big achievement. We are always supported and thanks for that. There is a lot of pressure on us even after making a film for two years. I think the reason is that the movie has become well known to the audience today.

Director Shekhar Kammula said After coming here, I talked to Raghavendra Rao sir. If your blockbusters had been made in this time, then they would have collected so much. I am happy that Raghavendra Rao garu is talking about us in praise. He has a lucky hand and I wish this movie should be a good hit. The trailer of Sarkaaru Naukari looks good. A new world has been created in the Telangana village back drop. There is some confusion when new people act and Akash performed like a seasoned actor. Director Shekhar has made the movie with perfection. All the best to the team.

Actor Tanikella Bharani said I have appeared in almost all films made by Raghavendra Rao garu. He is like a Maha Vruksham of Tollywood. Many people grew up in his shadow. I did a good character in the movie Sarkaaru Naukari. With some shade of villainsm. I was surprised when director Shekhar told me the story of this movie. He has created a good social element combined with entertainment. Akashs performance is impressive.

Director and Writer BVSN Ravi said There are many taboos in our society. We dont like to talk about them. It is because of our behavior that these taboo issues have accumulated in our society over the years. Director Shekhar is discussing about such an issue in this movie. Sarkaru Naukari is a movie that has both message and entertainment together. I saw the movie recently Akash, Bhavana and other cast and crew have done it perfectly. Said.

Director VN Aditya said Raghavendra Rao garu is a treasure for Tollywood. I hope that the movie Sarkaaru Naukari produced by him will be a grand success. I have seen Akashs acting videos. He did it very impressively. His performance in this movie is impressive. I wish Sarkaaru Naukari will give Naukari to the whole team in the industry for another thirty to forty years.

Lyric writer Sira Sri said I feel honored to have the opportunity to work for the movie Sarkaaru Naukari. Because working with a legend like Raghavendra Rao is a rare opportunity. We worked very carefully for this movie. I can say with confidence that you all will like the movie Sarkaru Naukari.

Singer Sunitha said This is a movie that has given me enough satisfaction for a lifetime. The first film in the career is special for anyone. We are forever indebted to director Raghavendra Rao and director Shekhar for giving such a special movie to our boy. I am very happy to hear the appreciation that our boy Akash acted like an experienced actor in the movie Sarkaru Naukari even though it was his first movie. Along with Akash, Bhavana and the rest of the team worked hard. Director Shekhar was also responsible for writing and cinematography. This is first movie releasing in the new year. Wish you all will love the movie Sarkaaru Naukari. Also thanking Megastar Chiranjeevi for supporting our film in the presence of the media. Although Akash can sing, he is getting introduced as a hero as he has more interest in acting.

Director Ganganamoni Shekhar said this film would not exist without director Raghavendra Rao garu. Such an inspiring story will not come out. I couldnt believe it when he gave me the check on the first day. Raghavendra Raos support is the reason why the movie Sarkaaru Naukari was completed as planned. Akash has become a friend to me. Bhavana is able to act and remember the entire script of this movie. VN Aditya supported me a lot in making. I would like to thank all of our direction team who supported me to complete the film by putting in more efforts than me. We made this movie based on real life events. Most of the shooting was done in Kolhapur.

Music director Sandeep Peesapati said I am happy to get the opportunity to do music for the movie Sarkaaru Naukari. When director Shekhar met me, I expected it to be general conversation but not about a movie. He told me about the movie Sarkaaru Naukari in the middle of the conversation telling me which songs he liked. I was surprised. Making music for this movie gave a good experience. Thanks to all the singers who supported me. I want Sarkaaru Noukari to be a big hit.

Hero Akash said For everyone who wants to become an actor, the first film opportunity is very important. I would like to thank director Raghavendra Rao and director Shekhar for giving me such an opportunity with the movie Sarkaaru Naukari. Sarkaaru Naukari is releasing on New Years Day, January 1. Go to your nearest theaters and watch the movie. You will definitely like it. I had a passion to become an actor since childhood. I did a twomonth acting course at Mayukha Institute of Utjak.

Heroine Bhavana said My dream is to become a heroine. Thanks to all the family and friends who supported me to achieve what I wanted. When I acted in the movie Sarkaaru Naukari I noticed all the things where I still need to improve as an actress. This is a good opportunity for me as a heroine. Thanks to Raghavendra Rao and director Shekhar for giving me this opportunity. Raghavendra Rao garu should do more films. Happy to have found a good costar like Akash. Me and Akash prepared well for our character before going on the sets of this film. We did lot of workshops. Thanks to the entire cast and crew of Sarkaaru Naukari for their support in this journey.

Actors :

Akash, Bhavana Vazhapandal, Tanikella Bharani, Ramya Kongouri, Sathya Sai Srinivas etc.

Technical Team :

Producer: K Raghavendra Rao
Cinematography, Writing, Direction : Ganganamoni Shekhar
Music : Sandilya, Background Music : Suresh Bobbili
Editor : Raghavendra Verma