Sharathulu Varthisthai Movie Trailer Launch Event

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Sharathulu Varthisthai Movie Trailer Launch Event

Chaitanya Rao’s Sharathulu Varthisthai movie trailer release event

Sharathulu Varthisthai, starring Chaitanya Rao and Bhoomi Shetty is directed by Kumaraswamy (Akshara). The film produced by Nagarjuna Samala, Srish Kumar Gunda, and Dr. Krishnakanth Chittajallu under the Star Light Studios banner. The film is gearing up for a grand theatrical release on the 15th of this month, and its trailer was released today. On this occasion:

Actor Santosh Yadav shared, It has been more than 20 years since I entered the industry. Sharathulu Varthisthai has given me a significant opportunity in my career. I hope this film will elevate me to another level as an actor. In this movie, I portrayed the character of Sankaranna. After the release of the Sharathulu Varthisthai teaser, everyone started calling me Shankaranna. Its a movie that everyone can relate to.

Producer Dr. Krishnakanth Chittajallu expressed his enthusiasm, saying, We are excited that our company is launching with a commendable movie. We aim to have a long journey in our production venture, starting with Sharathulu Varthisthai. We are presenting our movie to the audience on the 15th of this month. Asian Films and Suresh Productions are releasing Sharathulu Varthisthai in theaters, with 60 theaters already confirmed. I want to thank Mamidi Harikrishna and Mathura Sridhar Reddy for their support to our team. I urge everyone to watch Conditions Apply.

Director Kumaraswamy stated, When there is a good effort, there are struggles. I faced such struggles and completed this film, ensuring our producers safety. Hero Chaitanya and heroine Bhumi Shetty supported me in this process, for which I am thankful. Also, my gratitude goes to our producers for giving me the opportunity to direct this movie. I would like to thank Mamidi Harikrishna, who stood by me. I am pleased that the theatrical release of Sharathulu Varthisthai is being handled by reputable companies. Cinema is an art and a business. It has meaningful as well as commercial elements. Sharathulu Varthisthai will keep you engaged. Come to theaters on the 15th of this month. You will definitely enjoy our movie. Sharathulu Varthisthai is a familyfriendly movie without a single awkward scene.

Heroine Bhoomi Shetty shared, Sharathulu Varthisthai is a newage movie. The makers and actors of this movie are all young talents. Supporting us will give people like us a chance to create more quality films. Please share the Sharathulu Varthisthai movie trailer on social media. We aim to reach more people in less time. This movie, set against the backdrop of Karimnagar, is truly special. I learned the Telangana accent and delivered the dialogues, with our hero Chaitanya supporting me. Conditions Apply is releasing in theaters on the 15th of this month. Make sure to watch it.

Hero Chaitanya Rao expressed, I hope you liked the trailer of Sharathulu Varthisthai. If so, please share it with others. Theyll think you suggested a great movie. Its a mustwatch for everyone. The story captures all the joys, sorrows, and emotions in the lives of middleclass and lowermiddleclass people, resembling a story happening among us. In a time dominated by purely commercial cinema, it takes a certain mindset to create a conceptoriented movie. We are fortunate to have found such forwardthinking producers in Nagarjuna Samala, Srish Kumar Gunda, and Dr. Krishnakanth. Kumaraswamy is not only a skilled director but also a great person. Sharathulu Varthisthai will be a memorable movie in my career. I hope it brings me closer to the family audience. Bhoomi Shetty delivered a remarkable performance as Vijayashanthi. I wish her more opportunities in Telugu. I portrayed Chiranjeevi, and Bhumi Shetty played Vijayashanthi, with our characters named as a tribute to the iconic duo of the 80s. Sharathulu Varthisthai is releasing in theaters on the 15th of this month. We look forward to your support.