Shivoham Movie Poster Launched

Published On: August 22, 2023   |   Posted By:

Shivoham Movie Poster Launched

Director Ramesh Varma penmetsa and Prestigious Production Studio Green joined hands for a mysterious saga titled Sivoham

The blockbuster director Ramesh Varma Penmetsa impressed everyone with versatile films which showcased us his exceptional filmmaking skills. The director delivered a superhit with Rakshasudu, is now gearing up to astonish audiences once more with his next film.

On a large canvas, the director prepared a script. The director was overjoyed today when he revealed the specifics of his upcoming project. The film is titled Sivoham, and it is reported to have an extremely intriguing line. A big banner promoting this project.

Makers wrote, Unlocking a Mysterious Saga  A Battle of Wit’s Between Unknown Treasure and An Unholy D𝐄𝐕𝐈𝐋. We see a locked temple door with Trishul on the front. The poster raises curiosity on this film. An intriguing poster also unveiled announcing this project.

The poster looks super interesting giving us a hint that it’s going to be a mysterious saga. What we see here is a temple door which is locked and a powerful thrishul. Pooja related items can be seen in the forefront. It’s a conceptual hint about the film and catches the attention right away.

The director joined hands with the prestigious production Studio Green banner. One of the popular production houses in south India, Studio Green has been making content-rich movies, besides producing high-budget entertainers with star heroes. Now this collaboration to bring a mysterious saga for the audience is truly exciting.

The best of the best technicians working for the film. Santosh Detake will be handling the cinematography. KE Gnanavel Raja presenting this film. Cast and crew details will be announced soon.