Snehithudu Movie Stills

Snehithudu Review.


The screen starts with the search for Paani (Vijay) by Venkat (Sriram) and Nikhil (Jeeva). Venkat remembers their college days during the search. Paani, Venkat and Nikhil joins a prestigious Engineering college run by a strict principal who is called as Virus (Sathya Raj) by the students. Paani doesn’t like the way of education system in that college and he always counteract the ideology of his principal. How does Paani make Virus and his friends realize the true education is the remaining story.


Vijay is Okaying, not good or bad. Ileana is good in her role. Jeeva gave his best and Sriram is average. Sathya Raj did a good role. Sathyan in a key role did not fulfill that role. Sunil’s dubbing helped him a lot.


Dialogues are the direct translation of Hindi dialogues. Cinematography is done by Manoj Paramahamsa and is good. Music by Harris Jayaraj did not get the feel in the scene. Shankar did a great job in getting the right emotions. There are few truly witty scenes and there are some scenes that are moving.

Final Word:

Snehithudu will be a good movie for the ones who will watch without comparing the Hindi 3 Idiots.