SudheerVarmaSudheer varma, an up-coming actor; all set to make his debut into Tollywood through “20.11”.

On the sets of “20.11” we had a chat with Sudheer Varma.

Please let us know about youself?

I was born and brought up in Bhimvaram, my father is a railway contractor in Vishakapatnam and my mother is a Home maker.  I have come from a middle class family.  Did my schooling at Bhimvaram, Intermediate at Vishakapatnam and acquired the graduation from GMRIT.  I have a younger sister presently pursuing graduation from Andhra University, Vishakapatnam.

Your aspiration for entering into movies?

When I was a kid, I used to do a lot of acting and stuff.  Dance for the tunes, deliver dialogues, watch movies and used to jump from one building to another, because of which my parents were frightened and they parked me in a hostel. I used to visit home only during holidays for a couple of days.  I grew up independently and learned to deal with various situations.  I am not an actor by birth/profession, I am an actor by choice. I admire all the actors but I can’t pick one who inspired me a lot.  No one persisted me take up this.  It is me who wanted to do this and I am here.

Did you join any of the acting courses?

I have been attending theatrical workshops with Ashwath Bhatt.  Did a theatre work shop in Aadi Shakti and acquired diploma in acting from Roshan Taneja, Hyderabad. I got exposed in couple of short films which made me recognize by the film industry. I did a commercial for “First India health Insurance”.

How you got the opportunity to work in “20.11” movie?

The search for the new actors was called, apparently I attended the auditions. Director Vamshi Krishna wanted to check my appearance on screen, so he saw my short films and the commercial.  He also took my screen test and finalized me for the role.

Tell us about your role in this movie!

I was astonished when the director finalized me for the role as I am just 23 years old and the character which I’m going to play in the movie is of a Husband who is newly married.  Well it is a horror picture in which I am playing the character of “Dinesh”.  Dinesh is a newly married guy, who is on visit to his honeymoon, where things worsen.  The story has a flash back which I’m not supposed to reveal. 

You’re playing a lead role in your first movie itself. How you are feeling?

I am really feeling good.  From the past two years I was in search of a good role.  Used to visit Director’s and Producer’s office but didn’t get any good opportunity.  I even got selected for some good supporting roles but I had to leave them so as to focus more on the lead roles.  The moment they informed me that I am going to play the lead for this movie I was surprised.  I want people to recognize me as a good performer.

Fight, comedy, dance, romance etc… what are your strong points?

I can’t say any single stream as my strong point because an actor must be good in all the nine crafts. I can do dance. I am flexible in Fights because I am a basket ball player and I also learnt basics of “Kalari Payattu” which is mother of Marshall Arts in Pondicherry. I can’t stick to one point, I think an actor should be good at all and I hope I’ll handle them well to make my presence felt.

What are your Hobbies?

I play basket ball, cricket, watching films, Photography. Recently I started reading books. I like to spend my leisure time with my friends.


Any other projects you’re concentrating upon?

I have signed a film with director Teja titled “Neeku Naaku Dash Dash” and couple of other projects which are lined up with some new directors.

Your favorite movies?

There are many movies. I can’t say about a particular one. Movies like “God Father”, “Dil se”, “Bombay”, “pursuit of happiness”, and “Shiva” are some of my favorites. I will never miss a will smith film..

Who is your Role Model?

It’s my Dad. Because only I know how he went through? He handles all the ups & downs in life with a positive attitude. He was even injured once and was on bed rest for long time but he didn’t give up. And came back; doing really good right now.

Down the line where you want to see yourself in Cine Field?

I want people to remember me as a very good performer/actor but not as celebrity. I don’t know what kind of roles I will be doing in future but my ultimate aim is to earn a good name in the industry as a great performer.

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