Superb and eye catching performances in Tadakha

Published On: May 11, 2013   |   Posted By:

Thadaka Movie StillsTadakha has hit the screens with a bang and already gathered positive talk all over the state. Now let  us talk about the performers in the movie who made this movie a treat to watch.

Naga Chaitanya :

Naga Chaitnaya was outstanding in the movie. He was the real highlight of the movie. He almost carried 3/4th of the movie on his shoulders. He was absolutely deadly in the fight sequences, his dialogue delivery was flawless. Fans were absolutely pumped up when Naga Chaitanya was on the screen. Even in the emotional scenes, his subtle acting was at its best. Coming to the romance, he was no less than his father who is known for portraying exciting romance on the screen.

Sunil :

Sunil played characters with 2 shades in the movie.One as a cowardly and weak person who gets on to the police department. Other as a motivated person who gets pumped up and very strong after his brother trains him. Sunil was also very good in the action scenes, his personality was an apt one for a police officer.

Tamanna :

Tamnna did not have much screen time, but she did very well within the  slot she had. She looked absolutely gorgeous in the songs and danced very well. Even her acting in some of the comic scenes was spectacular where audiences had some laughs.

Andrea Jeremiah :

Andrea Jeremiah did a role of strong and stubborn lady who marries Sunil. Even Andrea had less screen space but she made the most of whatever role she had portrayed. Andrea will for sure get lot of offers in the Telugu industry too.

Ashutosh Rana :

Ashutosh Rana played the role of Bagla who is the villain of the movie. Rana looked ferocious and scary in the movie with his notorious acting and dialogues. He was always a brilliant actor in the Bollywood and he now proved himself in the Tollywood for the 3rd time after he acted superbly in Venky and Bangaram. Rana is for sure going to snatch lot of antagonist roles in the future.