T Gopichand Birthday Today

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T Gopichand Birthday Today

Actor T Gopichand born at Hyderabad In AP on 12th of June 1979. He is the son of Editor/director/producer  T Krishna.Gopichand is an engineering graduate. He was a Newsreader in ETV. His passion for action gave him entry into Tollywood with the movie Tholivalapu (2001), with Sneha in the female lead, directed by Muthyala Subbaiah.

In his intial stages in film Industry he did the roles of Villian. He became a lead(hero) actor from the film Yagnam.

T Gopichand Got the Nandi Award(2002) as Best Villian in the film Jayam.

List of Telugu Films (selected) by T Gopichand : 

01. Tolivalapu(2001)

02. Jayam(2002)

03. Nijam(2003)

04. Varsham(2004)

05. Yagnam(2004)

06. Andhrudu(2005)

07. Ranam(2006)

08. Raraju(2006)

09. Okkadunnadu(2007)

10. Lakshyam(2007)

11. Sauryam(2008)

12. Ontari(2008)

13. Shankam(2009)

14. Golimaar(2010)

15. Wanted(2011)

16. Mogudu(2011)

17 Sahasam (releasing on 28th June 2013).

Gopichand married Reshma, Niece of actor Srikanth on 12th of May 2013.

Today T Gopichand is completing 34.

Businessoftollywood.com conveys its Birthday Greetings to this popular actor in Tollywood and best of luck for his upcoming movie Sahasam