Tharun Bhascker Roll Rida Sing  For Manishi Brathuku Inth Cinema teeshinam

It was the feeling we had when we finished the final cut of our first feature length film.

While we were thinking of the best way to market this film, we thought we should speak about the spirit that got us over the edge.

And that’s when we decided that we should try and collaborate with Roll Rida and Tharun Bhascker.

For me, they both represent this spirit of making it no matter what.

The spirit of Cinema Teeshinam.

I owe a lot to Tharun Bhascker. His work (from his short film days) inspired me to finally make a film on my own.

I just had a couple of lakh rupees when I started this movie. And we decided that we will finish the shooting within that budget.

We might have overshot. But the point is, we really did it. We managed to save every penny, steal every actor’s schedule and grab every location we could.

We did it. I owe a lot to the team that believed in me and came together to help me with this.


Manishi Brathuku Inthe is a web film. It’s a coming of age comedy that follows the lead protagonist Siddharth, as he comes out of his depression.

Usually depression is shown in a grim dark way in movies. But we believe there is a funny side to it. We wanted to shed light on that through this movie.

Our target audience is mostly online. They have a huge appetite for edgy, raw content. And that is exactly the tone we went for.

We want to release this film on an OTT platform shortly.
Roll Rida is the biggest household name in Telugu Rap. So the fact that we collaborated with him was a huge bonus for us. He liked the concept and agreed to come onboard.

Tharun Bhascker was an absolute sweetheart. He came onboard and not only did he sing, but also made the animated video in a record time of 1 day. That’s right.

The man is a genius. And so down to Earth.

Just a word, I think Tharun Bhascker is the best director in Tollywood. It’s just a matter of time before everyone agrees to it.


I studied in a film school and not many can afford it. I barely managed at the time.

So going ahead, we want to start a learning community where independent film makers and students can come together. This community will help people learn and make films with whatever resources they have – be it money, people or locations.


Besides MANISHI BRATHUKU INTHE, we are finishing another film too.

Currently, it’s in post-production. We will have a theatrical release for that.

Going ahead, we want to stay true to our name – Keep Rolling. We want to keep making more films and get them out in front of an audience. The journey is all that counts.

And yes, we want to challenge ourselves and get better each time.


The film features Siddharth Reddy and Revanth in key roles.

There are little cameos by the Hyderabad Indie rap crowd in the film.

Production house – Keep Rolling pictures

Written, directed and edited – Varun Reddy

Cinematography – Rohit Bachu

BGM – Bobby

Additional BGM – Shishir (Alpha Being)