The Birthday Boy Movie Title Glimpse Out Now

The Birthday Boy is a buddy comedydrama from NRI directorproducer duo

Film directed by Whisky is based on true incidents

The Birthday Boy is an inventive buddy comedy coming from passionate newcomers. Director Whisky and the film’s producer, who have lived in the US for many years, are making their cinema debut with this newage featurelength movie.

The film tells the story of five young friends who immigrate to the US to pursue their MS. Some situations they face in the alien land and how their life turns is the crux of the story. Since this is a sliceoflife buddy comedy, the story is based on true incidents. The US is sarcastically described as the Land of Doorapu Kondalu Nunupu.

The makers have used the Sync Sound (live recording) technique for authenticity and realistic moodsetting. The directorproducer duo have poured in all their savings to make this film.

The highquality, technically superior movie is going to see the coming together of a range of talents. In order to lend the film a new type of colour grading, a Hollywood technician from Turkey has been roped in.

More details about the movie will be made official soon.


Ravi Krishna, Sameer Malla, and Rajeev Kanakala.


Writer and Director : Whisky
DOP : Sankirth Raahul
Music Director : Prashanth Srinivas
Editor : Naresh Adupa