Thika Maka Thanda Movie Review

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Thika Maka Thanda Movie Review

Thika Maka Thanda Movie Still

Thika Maka Thanda Movie Still

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“Thika Maka Thanda” is a Telugu drama directed by newcomer Venkat Mallam and produced by Thirupathi Srinivasa Rao under the banner of TSR Movie Makers. The movie features Harikrishna, Ramakrishna, Annie, and Rekha Nirosha in lead roles and senior actor Shivannarayana in a supporting role. The film’s music is given by Suresh Bobbili and cinematography by Harikrishnan. The trailer has already hinted at the storyline, offering a sneak peek into what awaits. Now, let’s see if the director executed the story as expected and if the film lives up to its promising setup.


In a remote village in Telangana in 1979, named Thikamakatanda, everyone experiences amnesia. They write everything down to remember details like people, relationships, and tasks. Frustrated with the problem, they decide to organize an Ammavari (goddess) Jatra to overcome it. However, as they prepare for the fair, the statue of Ammavaru disappears. How did the entire town end up with amnesia? How did the idol of Amma, supposed to be in the temple, vanish? What did the villagers do to solve the village’s problems and recover the statue? These questions form the rest of the movie.


The director focused on comedy, in line with the essence of “Thika Maka Thanda.” The initial part brings humor through the villagers’ forgetfulness, the heroes’ love stories, and their struggles with the problem. The real story unfolds with the goddess statue’s disappearance, injecting suspense into the plot. However, after the theft, the narrative seems prolonged. Post-interval, the director delves deeper into the village’s issues, introducing a compelling sequence involving father-son emotions, enriched by Suresh Bobbili’s well-blended music. Though the execution may make it seem stretched, the second half addresses village problems, their resolutions, and the heroes’ actions. While the runtime is well-chosen, the film could have been more engaging with improved story development and execution.

Regarding the cast, Harikrishna and Ramakrishna, the twin protagonists making their debut, make efforts to impress with their acting. Annie, known for her previous work as a child artist, particularly in “Rajanna,” portrays Mallika as the heroine, showcasing cuteness and entertainment despite limited screen time. Another heroine, Rekha Nirosha, also leaves a positive impression. Supporting actors like Sivannarayana, Bullet Bhaskar, Yadamma Raju, and Rocket Raghava contribute to the humor.

In terms of the technical team, director Venkat’s chosen story could have been conveyed more clearly with a refined screenplay. P. Harikrishnan’s cinematography stands out as a significant asset, and Suresh Bobbili’s music, especially the highlight song “Oho Puttadi Bomma” sung by Sid Sriram, adds appeal. The background score is commendable, enhancing the movie’s overall quality. The filmmakers succeed in showcasing beautiful film locations through skillful camera work. It appears that Tirupathi Srinivasa Rao produced the film without compromising on technical values.


  • Strong Concept
  • Emotional Connection in Post-Interval Scenes
  • Impressive Performances by the Cast


  • Weak Story Development
  • Prolonged Second Half
  • Forced Comedy in Certain Scenes

Technical Aspects:

Director Venkat could have made the story clearer with a better script. The camera work by Harikrishnan is better, making the movie look good. Suresh Bobbili’s music, especially the song “Oho Puttadi Bomma” sung by Sid Sriram, makes the movie even more enjoyable. The background music adds to the overall quality. The filmmakers did a good job showing nice places in the movie with good camera work. It seems Tirupathi Srinivasa Rao, the producer, made sure the technical side of the movie was done well.


“Thika Maka Thanda” provides humor through forgetful villagers and love stories, but the prolonged plot affects audience engagement. While debut actors impress and the cinematography and music are commendable, the screenplay could be clearer. The film has potential but falls short in execution and storytelling finesse.


Movie title: Thika Maka Thanda

Banner: TSR Movie Makers

Release date: 15.12.2023

Censor rating: “U/A”

Cast: Harikrishna, Ramakrishna, annie, Rekha Nirosha

Directed by: Venkat

Music: Suresh Bobbili

Cinematography: Harikrishnan

Editing: Kumar Nirmala srujan

Producer: Tirupathi Srinivasa Rao

Runtime: 109  minutes

Nizam Distributors: N T R Cinemas