Chamanthi Trailer Review

Published On: January 17, 2014   |   Posted By:

Trailer Review: ChamanthiTrailer Review: Chamanthi

In this era of Tollywood where small movies are doing great business and new directors are being encouraged like never before, a movie like Chamanthi has a great scope. The movie is made by newbie director Mohan Kanth and has given a lot of newness and freshness to it. It doesn’t last for very long, it ends in a span of just 35 seconds and yet in those 35 seconds manages to instill an interest in the audiences as to what kind of movie Chamanthi is going to be.

It is clearly set in a village background where the lead character talks about a girl called Chamanthi and her beautiful smile while the lead actress is shown. All of a sudden, the movie drifts into a completely different and a violent scene where a guy is seen breaking the a bottle on another man’s head. The trailer thus doesn’t reveal much but looks like it has an interesting story to it.