True Lover Movie Press Meet Highlights

Published On: February 8, 2024   |   Posted By:

True Lover Movie Press Meet Highlights

Today’s press meet for the movie “True Lover” got everyone excited for its release in Telugu. Produced by a bunch of folks from Million Dollar Studios and MRP Entertainment, this flick promises a love story that’ll tug at your heartstrings.

Director Maruthi and producer SKN are leading the charge for the Telugu release, while the Tamil version has already wowed audiences. Starring Manikandan, Sri Gouri Priya, and Kanna Ravi, it’s set to hit screens soon.

At the meet, producer Vamsi Nandipati shared how the Tamil premiere was a big hit, and he’s hopeful for the same in Telugu. Sri Gouri Priya, one of the leads, thanked everyone for the love and is excited for both language releases.

Manikandan, another lead actor, expressed his gratitude for the warm reception he’s received from Telugu fans before. He’s pretty confident about the movie’s storytelling.

SKN, one of the producers, talked about the buzz around the film and the plans for special screenings for celebs and media. Director Maruthi praised the film’s story and direction, saying it’ll connect with audiences everywhere.

In a nutshell, everyone’s pumped for “True Lover” to hit screens in both Telugu and Tamil, with just a one-day gap between releases. With such a talented team and a lot of excitement, it’s bound to be a hit on both sides of the border.