Valari Movie Review

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Valari Movie Review

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Movie Information:

Valari is an ETV Win Original Movie directed by Mrithika Santhoshini, starring Rithika Singh, Sri Ram, Subbaraju, Utthej, Sahasra, Parinitha. It’s music as given by T.S. Vishnu.

Mrithika Santhoshini has worked previously with Krish, R Parthiban and Rajiv Menon as an Assistant Director.

Ritika Singh, who plays the lead role in the film, has previously appeared and impressed the audience in movies such as Saala Khadoos, Guru and Oh My Kadavule.


The movie begins with a girl who is convicted of murdering her own parents in a bungalow and  she is given her judgement in court. We jump to a woman named “Divya” who has violent dreams and phases out during her daily life due to various triggers. We learn that she has memory loss and can’t remember anything about her own family. She is married to Naveen, a loving husband who is a captain in the Navy. They have a son named Madhanna, who was named by Divya but can’t really tell where she got the name from.

After another transfer of Naveen, which is a staple in his Navy job, the loving family shifts from Chennai to Krishnapatnam, near Nellore. When there, Divya is supernaturally called to the Bungalow shown in the beginning of the movie. What her connection to the bungalow is and why the girl in the beginning of the movie killed her parents are revealed as the story goes forward.


Valari presents a very intriguing mystery and it holds the tension well till the reveal. The movie is well-paced and the acting performances are very good.

The music is excellent for every scene,let it be elevating the action sequences or creating a sense of danger during the suspenseful scenes.

The few humorous scenes or dialogue are woven in at the right place, not derailing the main mystery and the overall tension of the film.The dialogue felt clunky at times but it doesn’t distract us from the story.

The only downfall of the story is the climax which felt a little rushed. After the mystery of the murders and Divya’s story are revealed (inturn revealing the real villain of the story.), the villain is confronted by Divya and meted out his punishment. But the setup for his punishment feels very rushed. We as audience are left confused by the sudden change in Praveen’s attitude at the end or how Divya escaped any punishment for her actions. Also the objects in the “safe” are not addressed after the reveal.


While a horror story set in a haunted house is nothing new for the telugu audience, Valari brings a very fresh story with an engaging screenplay, music and excellent performances by the actors.

So if you are looking to watch a telugu thriller this weekend, you should watch Valari on ETV Win.

Movie Details : 

Movie Title : Valari
Banner :  ETVwin
Release date : 06-03-2024
Release through : O T T – ETVwin
Cast : Sri Ram,Ritika Singh,Subba Raju,Utthej
Director : Mrithika Santhoshini
Music : T S Vishnu
Cinematography : Sujatha Siddharth
Editing : Thammiraju
Producer : Bapineedu

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