Vanisri Birthday Today

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Vanisri Birthday Today

Popular Tollywood actress Vanisri(Ratnakumari)  born in Nellore in Andhra Pradesh on 3rd August 1948.

Today is her birthday. Vanisri is completing 75.

Business of Tollywood Wishes this natural actress a Very Happy Birthday

The only actress from Tollywood who has come up in the Industry from root to fruit level. She started her acting career with a stage play “chillara Kottu Chittamma” Which was a popular stage play in 60’s.

She entered the Telugu Cinema playing small roles in many folklore movies.She accepted the roles pairing with comedians. She acted as an item song girl in few films.

With Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao she acted as Savitri with NTR as Yamadhrmaraju in the film Ummadi Kutumbam(1967) with the song “Povuchunnava Yamadhrma Raja Povuchunnava”. she has displayed her talent.

With the dance sequence song “Aada Neevu Eeda Nenu Choosukontu Koosunte Yennallu talagalanu chandamama” with Rajanala in the film Sathya Harischandra(1965) she became popular to the Telugu Cine goers.

With the dance sequence song “Soggade Chinni Nayana Okka Pittanaina Kottaledu Soggadu” in the film “Asthiparulu”(1966) with Jaggaiah. She has established herself as a talented dancer.

The major break in her career was the lead role as an Innocent in the film “Marapurani Katha” wherein she lived in the character. This may be termed as a turning point in her film career.

Then came the Great movies with Great directors.

Sukhadhukkalu,Rangula Ratnam,Bangaru Panjaram Bhaktha Kannappa,Illu Illalu ,so on.

She came to lime light with the film “Prem Nagar” as Akkineni Nageswara Rao’s secretary.Then She again acted with A N R in the movie”Secretary”.

She suited for the roles of heroines of novels written by Koduri Kausalya Devi.

She acted as Heroine for many movies with A N R and N T R.She also acted with T L Kantha Rao,Sobhan Babu,Krishna,Krishnam Raju,Ranganath, and others.

She has also acted in Tamil films with top actors like Sivaji Ganesan,Gemini Ganesh,M G R.

After her marriage she left film acting and established a Battery manufacturing unit at Chennai.

1. Film fare Award(south) as best actress for the year 1973 for the film “Jeevana Tharangalu”
2. Film fare Award(South) as best actress for the year 1974 for the film “Krishna Veni”
3. Film fare Award(south) as best actress for the year 1975 for the film “Jeevanajyothi”

List of Vanisri acted movies(selected):-
1. Rangularatnam(1966) with Chandramohan

2. Potti Pleader(1966) with Padhmanabham

3. MarapuraniKatha(1967) with Krishna

4. Adapaduchu(1967) with N T R

5. Ranabher(1968) with Kantha Rao

6. Sukhaduhkhalu(1968) with Haranath

7. Panthalu-Pattimpulu(1968) with Sobhanbabu

8. Ninduhrudayalu(1969) with N T R

9. Bhalerangadu(1969) with A N R

10. Mahabaludu(1969) with Krishna

11. Bangarupanjaram(1969) with Sobhan Babu

12. Chittichellelu(1970) with N T R

13. Kathanayakimolla(1970) with Sobhanbabu

14. Iddarammayilu(1970) with A N R

15. Jeevitha Chakram(1971) with N T R

16. Dasara Bullodu(1971) with A N R

17. Premnagar(1971) with A N R

18. Chinnanati Snehithulu(1971) with N T R

19. Chellelikapuram(1971) with Sobhanbabu

20. Pavithrabandham(1971) with A N R

21. Bangarubabu(1972) with A N R

22. Vichitrabandham(1972) with A N R

23. Koduku Kodalu(1972) with A N R

24. Datthaputhrudu(1972) with A N R

25. Illu-Illalu(1972) with Krishna

26. Ganga-Manga(1973) with Krishna,Sobhanbabu

27. Desoddharakulu(1973) with N T R

28. Srivaru Maavaru(1973) with Krishna

29. Jeevana Tharngalu(1973) with Sobhanbabu

30. Chakravakam(1974) with Sobhanbabu

31. Kannavari Kalalu(1974) with Sobhanbabu

32. Premalu-Pellillu(1974) with A N R

33. Krishnaveni(1974) with Krishnam Raju

34. Jeevanajyothi(1975) with Sobhanbabu

35. Cheekati-Velugulu(1975) with Krishna

36. Pooja(1975) with Ramakrishna

37. Yedurulenimanishi(1975) with N T R

38. Secretary(1976) with A N R

39. Aaradhana(1976) with N T R

40. Bhaktha Kannappa(1976) with Krishnam aju

41. Chakradhari(1977) with A N R

42. Alumagalu(1977) with A N R

43. Anugraham(1977) directed by Shyam Benegal

44. Devadasu Malli Puttadu(1978) with A N R

45. Simhabaludu(1978) with N T R

46. Goranthadeepam(1978) with Sridhar

47. Ramachilaka(1978) with Ranganath

48. Atthaki Yamudu Ammayiki Mogudu(1989)

49. Bobbili Raja(1990)

50. Rajeswarikalyanam(1993) with A N R

51. Bombay Priyudu(1996)

She also acted as Atthagaru(mother in law) in the films(1)Bobboliraja-Venkatesh(2)allariAlludu-Nagarjuna(3)Atthaki Yamudu Ammayiki Mogudu-Chiranjeevi.