Hero JD Chakravarthy Interview

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Hero JD Chakravarthy Interview

Every character in Daya web series is unique Hero JD Chakravarthy

Leading OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar, which came up with Jhansi Season 2, Dead Pixels and Save The Tigers this year, is back with a slew of new Telugu shows. The upcoming show Dayaa from Disney+ Hotstar is now raising curiosity with the promotional content.

The show stars versatile actor JD Chakravarthy, Eesha Rebba, Ramya Nambessan and other prominent actors. It is directed by Pavan Sadineni and Shrikant mohta, Mahendra Soni producing the series under SVF banner, a leading Bengali production house. As the release date is nearing, hero JD Chakravarthy interacted with media about the film.

I am an actor who believes that content is the prince and director is the king. The way director Pavan Sadhineni told the story of Dayaa is impressive. Thats why I agreed to act in this web series. If story is like the plot we have, then building beautiful houses in it is like direction. Building the edifice of cinema beautifully depends on the talent of the director.

I have been approached frequently for Dayaas web series from Hot Star. I think I am not in the mood to make a series. I have been postponing the decision. They did not leave and they persuaded me. They sent script and synopsis to read but they said Dont read it. After that director Pavan Sadhineni narrated the story for ten minutes on the phone. He came personally and asked if he would narrate me the full script. I said that I will be doing this series. Because I remembered what RGV said earlier. RGV said that any director who can tell a story in ten minutes has a solid command over the script. When Pawan told a 10-minute story on the phone, I knew his grip on the story. So I said ok without listening to the full narration.

Director Pavan is the big strength of Dayaa web series. It can be said that characters are a strength. Each character is unique. It includes roles that bring recognition to the actors. I became JD with my first film Siva. Also we remember Sathyaraj in Baahubali as kattappa. Dayaa is a web series with strong characters. This is a series where the locations, characters and script are all well done.

In Dayaa, I am a freezer van driver. My job is to take fish from one village to another village. Dayaa world was brilliantly established by Pavan for 10, 12 minutes from the beginning. One day the driver of the freezer van sees the dead body of the girl. He does not have the courage to tell the police. While in this fear, another corpse is found. These incidents turn the life of the driver who leads a simple life. All those emotions are seen in Dayaa.

Bollywood is like a neighborhood house for me. Thats why I went there for a while. But my strength is Telugu film industry. Thats why I am doing projects here again. You know about demand and supply in industry. Im getting a lot of offers and it would be a lie to say Im not doing it. But there are some characters that I dont like.

It is not correct to say that stardom cannot be counted in OTT. We calculate the collections in the theater to see how successful the movie is. But the measure is how many people watched in OTT. A web series is a good way to tell a story in a broader way than a film. Newcomers are also welcome in web series. They will receive them too. But in the theater there are only buyers for stars films. This is an advantage of OTT. Im not a JD Chakravarthy but a new actor who looks at Dayaa.