There are so many people who really strive to get into the cine industry. But only few get through doors of success. One such director is Veerabhadram. With his success of Aha Naa Pellanta and now Poolarangudu he is on heights. He is now known to be in fame of commercial director.


I am basically from West Godavari from a small village named Kulavalapalli. My father’s name is Surya Rao and he is a farmer. My mother’s name Satyavathi. I have two siblings. Though we belong to a agricultural background my parents took a lot of effort to make me study till graduation.

What inspired to get you into cine field?

The whole journey started when I was studying tenth. I went with my relative and friends to a movie directed by Dinesh Babu. The directorial work in the movie inspired me a lot, thus I dreamed of being a director.

My second decision was pending when I came here to Hyderabad for my Post Graduation. Suddenly one day when I have seen some shooting work in Sarathi studios I was in dreams. That day I decided to become a director for sure.

Who gave you the first chance for your way?

The person I have to owe is great director late Sri EVV Satyanarayana for whom I worked as Asst. director for long time. I worked with him for few movies namely – Nenu Premisthunna, Maa Vidakulu, Kanyadaanam, Neti Gandhi. I even worked with director Teja for the movie Nuvvu Nenu, Jayam, Nijam. Some other movies as asst. director are Family Circus and Yeh Dil in Hindi. I worked for some hits like Deyyam and Shankar Dada MBBS. I even worked with Krishna Vamsi and Ravi Raja Pinishetty. Karunakaran gave me a chance for the movie Happy. I have even a count of some Tamil films.

Coming to your latest movie Poolarangudu, What is your best Scene in the movie?

  • When Hero sits near his farm thinking a scenario of the movie, some goons come and take him to their leader.
  • Another scene is Sunil’s Six Pack body show up in the climax.

These are some favorite scenes of the film.

The Movie Trailers are amazing:-

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How long it took for you to complete the movie?

It took 90 days of shooting only in India. None of the scenes are shooted abroad. We struggled to manage the shooting to complete in 90 days. At last we succeeded.

What is budget of this movie?

Everything for the movie was in cost of 10 crores. After the success of the film we collected almost 20 crores. Even my first movie Aha Naa Pellanta was budgeted for 4 and half crores and we collected around 8 and half crores from the movie.

What are your favorite songs from this movie?

I liked all of them but “Okkade Okkade” and “Nuvve Nuvvele” mesmerized me for a reason.

Which part of the movie in this film took a lot of effort to reach high scores?

The climax was a little hard known fact for us. We tried a lot of sequels to opt out the best. The scene where hero turns on to villain for a fight was difficult of all. Because as Sunil is a comedian turned hero, the showcase of serious attitude was important for which we tried a lot.  Finally we got a good response.