Director-VenuGopalVenugopal’s debut Directorial movie  “Kshetram”  is set to release on 9th of December 2011.

Here are glimpses of our interview.

Sir, please Let us know about you?

I hail from Kurnool.  I have three sisters all are elder to me and well settled; I am the only son to my parents.  I am married and I have a son named Harish who has finished his graduation.

Tell us about your journey from an Aritst to a Director?

In my childhood, I used to watch movies and used to tell prank movie stories to my friends.  I was a good dancer too.  While performing in a contest of my school, my dance was appreciated by the audience present over there.  I am inspired by their claps and decided to become something which can fetch me name and fame.  At that point, I got more interested towards movies than anything else.

In 1983, my father expired.   Later I got to know that the house in which we were living was not ours; then I left the house.  At such a crucial point my sisters gave me shelter in their houses and also some of my friends helped me when needed.

During initial days of my struggle, I joined Police department with a small designation.  Meanwhile, I got married.  Later, I informed my wife that I will not be continuing with this job for a longer period of time and told her about my interest in movies.  She respected my feelings and said she would be helping me in all aspects.

While on a visit to Bangalore, I met a Director who liked my physic and promised to give me a break in his movie.  It was a Kannada movie.  While working for the movie I met Director Dasari Narayan Rao Garu who was working for “kalyana prapthirasthu” movie.  He offered me a anti hero role in the movie.  Hence, I got introduced to Parchuri Brothers and later joined them as an assistant.

After shooting schedules, Dasari Narayan Rao Garu and me used to discuss regarding movie stories; after listening to my stories he got inspired by my thoughts and blessed me that I will become a good director one day.  Those words got instilled in my mind and I started working really hard.

I’ve worked in some movies directed by K.Viswanath and Bapu garu.  While working with these legendary directors I’ve learnt many things from them.  Upon working with legends like Bapu garu, K.Viswanath garu, Dasari Narayan Rao Garu and writers Parchuri Brothers, I have improved my knowledge in department of direction.

Tell us about the movie “Kshetram”?

This is a love story of a Marwadi girl “Priyamani” & Rayalseema guy “Kick Sham”.  Both fall in love with each other.  They come to AP to get approval for the marriage from their parents.  Eventually, they get married.  But after visiting to rayalseema unfortunate things happen and a flash back of Jagapathi babu with priyamani comes into lime light.  What is the relationship between Priyamani and Jagapathi babu in the past life and what happens next is remaining part of the story.

Why did you prefer Priyamani for this role?

Well, basically Anushka has done an excellent job in “Arundathi”.  I would have signed her for the role but she has already done two movies of this kind.  I thought of selecting someone who can perform the role with intense passion and interest.  While searching for the right actor I read the interview of Priyamani in some magazine in where she spoke about her interest in doing a challenging role.  She is the one who had worked with great Directors like Mani Ratnam, Ram Gopal Varma and many more, and she has already won a national award.  I approached her with the story and she got very much excited to work after listening to my story.  Hence, I got priyamani finalized.

What can this role fetch her?

Priyamani hasn’t done this kind of movie.  You will be watching Priyamani as a bubbly girl; powerful women in flashback role, and also perform stunts in the movie for first time on screen. She never said NO to anything to me.  Even at 3:00 am in the morning we continued with the shooting; at that time also she was very active.  She is the only one who can perform a character like this.  No one can compete with her for this particular role.  I strongly believe that this performance will fetch her one more national award and will be a crucial turning point in her carrier.

How was your experience working with top most actor Jagapathi babu?

First of all I am very thankful to Jagapathi babu garu.  Though it is my first movie as a Director, he bestowed confidence on me and my script.  It was my destiny to work with great actor like Jagapathi Babu, who holds 94 movies expertism, and it helped me, lot.  He has done a brilliant job in the movie.  Though it is a small role for him in the movie, he has done his best at every moment.

Tell us about the music of this movie?

After finalizing the cast, the one thing I was pretty much sure was that only Koti garu can compose relevant music for the movie, to reach all our expectations.  Koti garu has got the ability to mesmarise people with his compositions.  His music can speak words in silent scene.  He has done all six songs in “Kshetram”.  And every song is a master piece.

How is your interaction with the producer Govind raj?

When I approached producer Govind Raj garu, he liked the story and asked me about the casting.  I proposed Jagapathi Babu, Priyamani, Kick Sham and other characters.  He asked me to request for the dates from the actors and if they are ready, I can finalize the project.  Raj garu was not sure whether these people will work for the movie or not because I am a new director and these actors are busy all the time.  But by gods grace, when I approached them with my story everyone accepted to work in my debut movie.

While working for the movie, he never let me compromise for my requests.  He fetched me every minute thing which was required for the movie.  He even promised me to instil this movie’s banner which will is as high as I-max Theater.

Tell us about the making of Kshetram?

It took 90 days to complete the movie.  The movie has got 35 minutes of graphic work. Visual effects, DTS work and everything related to technical work has been carried out in Prasad Labs.  I would like to thank Prasad labs for the same

As it is a real story.  Did you face any problems while shooting for the movie?

It was a real incident which has happened in my village.  It’s the story of my friend’s family. When I informed him that I am making a movie on his family, he requested not to mention the family name in the movie.  As he didn’t want to reveal either his or the family members’ name, I changed the name of the characters in the movie.  Except the characters’ name the complete story is based on a true incident and till now no one has raised any obligations with the crew.

On what basis we can differentiate “Kshetram” from Arundathi?

After seeing the posters of the movie and watch priyamani in a traditional look, everyone is thinking the movie is an inspiration from Chandramukhi or Arundathi.  I would like to state that this movie has got a new concept and doesn’t have any kind of resemblance with either Chandramukhi or Arundathi movie.  Chandramukhi movie is the story of a family and Arundathi is the fight between an Evil and the Girl.  But Kshetram movie is the story of a man, who wants to serve people of his village. The story deals with the ethics and morals.

Your favorite movies?

I like NTR Garu, Balkrishna and Chiranjeevi Movies.

Your favorite Director?

Dasara Narayan Rao garu.

What kind of movies do you like to do in future?

I would like to direct message orientated commercial movies

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