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Vidhi is a Telugu film based on crime & thriller directed by Srikanth Ranganathan and Srinath Ranganadan and produced by Ranjit S under No Idea Entertainment banner. The film stars Rohit Nanda and Anandhi in lead roles. The music was composed by Sri Charan Pakala, Cinematography & Editing by Srinath Ranganathan.

Vidhi movie

Story –

Surya, A villager comes to Hyderabad in search of job to earn money to clear the debts in his village. However, with the help his newly found roommates, He manages to get a daily wage job. One pivotal day, He finds a pen, Surya later finds it’s mysteriousness because of some events. What Surya does with the pen and how it alters his life will be revealed in the movie.

Analysis –

The story starts with the main character’s (Surya) usual life, his innocence, love life and work problems, which are quite predictable. But things become exciting when a mysterious pen comes into the picture, keeping the audience curious in the first half.

The latter half of the movie feels a bit ordinary. The mystery of the pen could have explored more, but focusing on emotions was a good choice and it helped the movie in big time. The film’s uniqueness keeps the story interesting.

Casting Rohit Nanda was a good choice, his ability to show the innocence, fear, and the evilness is natural and it helped the film, Particularly in the second half. Anandhi, a talented Telugu actress, she shines in the film with her great acting and charm, despite having limited screen time. The emotional connection between the lead pair works good, but felt like the scenes could have been written better in between them, It may helped the film.

Vidhi runtime is crisp, The editor did a good job here. Because, If the audience come to theatre keeping the trailer in mind, They’ll expect a great thriller and  the curiosity to know the story behind that pen, which are absent in the movie. There are thrilling moments, but in parts only, and after watching what surya does using the pen in two respective events, we can predict the rest of the movie except the climax. In the entire movie, only few moments are present those where we can experience the thrillness and the rest of the movie is flat and routine. The movie ends on an intriguing note, leaving viewers satisfied but wanting more.

Highs –

Rohit Nanda performance

Lead pair connection


Some gripping scenes

Background score

Lows –

Directors could have worked more on script

Routine and repeated events

Technical Aspects –

The producer deserve some credit for backing an innovative concept in the film. Srinath Ranganathan did well with making the village and Hyderabad look real through cinematography and editing. The editing keeps a good pace in the film, though a few scenes could be improved. The dialogues are fine, and the production values from No Idea Entertainment suits the movie.

Directors did an okayish work here. The audience questions are not answered in the movie but they gave a hint about the next situations. It looked like there is part 2 coming, but it’s not clearly showed. If there is another part then they could have added some more scenes to make things interesting. If not, then it’s an okayish work as i mentioned earlier. But, the film is made emotionally well. It could have helped the movie if they’ve worked more on script.

Verdict –

Overall, Vidhi is simple yet interesting movie, because of it’s uniqueness. The film is emotionally well but it’s falls short with less thrilling moments. It’s enjoyable, only if you watch the movie without watching trailer and teaser. Otherwise, it leaves you in disappointment.

Movie details :

Movie Title : Vidhi
Banner : No Idea Entertainment
Cast : Rohit Nanda, Anandhi
Release Date : 03-11-2023
Censor Rating : “U/A”
Story – Director : Srikanth Ranganathan & Srinath Ranganathan
Music : Sri Charan Pakala
Cinematography : Srinath Ranganathan
Editing – Srinath Ranganathan
Producer : Ranjit S
Runtime : 120 minutes