Vijay Kiragandur Interview

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Vijay Kiragandur Interview

Salaar Ceasefire will meet the expectations of fans and audiences Vijay Kiragandur, head of Hombale Films

One of the most awaited Indian flicks, Salaar releasing worldwide on December 22nd. Prashanth Neel directed this action drama. Prabhas is playing lead role in the film while Sukumaran, Shruti Haasan, Jagapathi Babu, Bobby Simha, Eeshawari Rao and others in key roles. Ravi Basrur composed the tunes. Vijay Kirangadur of Hombale Films bankrolled this bigbudget flick. The films action packed trailer and impactful first single raised expectations. On this occasion, Vijay Kiragandur, head of Hombale Films, told interesting facts about Salaar Ceasefire Part1.

How did the Salaar journey begin?

The journey of Salaar commenced in 2021 but faced delays due to two waves of COVID19. Fullscale shooting began in 2022, concluding in January of the current year. Postproduction work, including dubbing and CG, was meticulous, especially considering the films release in five languages. The collaboration with Telugu hero Prabhas garu marked the first for Hombale Films, adding excitement to the entire process. The team, including Prashanth Neel, Ravi Basrur, and the Art Director, has a longstanding association with Hombale. Despite the challenges associated with high expectations, Prabhass amiable nature made the journey memorable. The film, shot 90% in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, is set for release in December.

What challenges did you encounter in the production of Salaar?

There werent many challenges in the production process. However, with Prabhas, who delivered a massive hit like KGF, acting under our banner and Prashanth Neel directing the film, the expectations for Salaar are incredibly high. Weve crafted a whole new world for the movie, and in terms of production quality, we made no compromises. Other than these production challenges, there were no other obstacles faced.

Youve completed a decade as a producer, what reflections do you have on your journey?

Ninnindale marked the beginning of my producer journey. It was followed by Masterpiece and Rajkumara, all of which enjoyed considerable success. KGF Chapter 1, my fourth film, was a significant milestone, and I went on to produce Yuvaratna, KGF Chapter 2, and Kanthara. Now, we are presenting Salaar. Each film has provided me with unique experiences, and the understanding I had as a producer on day one differs significantly from my current knowledge.

Your journey began in the Kannada film industry and has now spread across India. What are your thoughts on this?

Nothing has changed in my thinking as a producer. My plan is to propel the Indian film industry forward. Our languages, cultures, and traditions are all unique. However, as an Indian film business, we all work together. In my opinion, it should be expanded to a global scale. Aside from that, I dont believe this is a Telugu film, but rather a Kannada film.

Tell us about your collaboration with director Prashant Neel

I was introduced to Prashanth Neel as a director. He soon became a friend, and then a close friend. He is now a part of the family. When it comes to films, Im just a platform for his imagination. As a producer, it is my obligation to give what he requires for his creativity. Im working on it. He also works in production and marketing. We are progressing with a positive relationship and understanding. On the one hand, we are travelling as directors and producers. On the other side, we are both close friends.

What is the reaction to a blockbuster like KGF? What are your thoughts?

There is no way to thank the audience for their response to the film KGF. KGF was popular not just in Kannada, but also in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi. Because of their love and trust in us, we became more responsible. That is why we are making films that they enjoy. There is only a slight delay in selecting strong stories due to the requirement to produce good films.

Why are the films under the Hombale Films banner made in two parts?

Initially, when we began KGF Chapter 1, the plan didnt include making a second part. However, as filming progressed, the director assessed the content, gathered the team, and discussed the matter. The decision was to present the movie as a twopart series, ensuring it wasnt shortened. Consequently, KGF Chapter 2 came into existence. The approach differed for Kantara. While having multiple story options, we contemplated how to capture the tradition and beliefs of a remote area in Karnataka. Taking up this new challenge, we decided to create Kantara, and the audience responded exceptionally well. Following its success, we contemplated Kantara Chapter 1. The abundance of content in Kantara could be stretched into two or three parts. Similarly, Salaar boasts enough drama to warrant a twopart presentation, leading us to make that decision.

How do you approach producing a movie in terms of the story?

I consistently emphasize the same principle. I avoid excessive discussions about the budget. Instead, I focus on essential aspects such as the concept, content quality, the directors identity, whether the director has a clear vision for the story, the execution plan, the storys sequencing, and whether its the right time for the film. I carefully contemplate these factors before making decisions. Kantara, for instance, was produced on a modest budget, although it could have been a bigbudget film. I prioritize the story and director over the budget.

What has been the response from the Telugu industry and audience?

The response has been outstanding. The industry professionals have warmly welcomed it, and the audiences support is a testament to that.

What are your thoughts on the expectations for Salaar?

Prabhas is a superstar, and Prashant Neel is a blockbuster director with a Pan India appeal. Their combination has created a heightened anticipation among fans, the audience, and the industry. People are eager to see the unique story Prashant Neel will present after KGF and how Prabhas will be portrayed. I believe the film will meet everyones expectations.

Why wasnt a grand event organized for Salaar?

Due to tight schedules with Prabhas and Prashant Neel, we couldnt organize a grand event before the film’s release. However, we plan to conduct a spectacular success event after the film hits the screens. Film producer Vijay Kiragandur concluded the interview.