Yakshini Web Series Trailer Launch Event

Socio Fantasy Web Series Yakshini trailer launched grandly, Yakshini streaming on Disney plus Hotstar from June 14

Another interesting web series, Yakshini, is coming from the combination of Arka Media Works and Disney Plus Hotstar. This web series is produced by Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni. Vedhika, Manchu Lakshmi, Rahul Vijay, and Ajay play the lead roles. Directed by Teja Marni, the Yakshini series will stream from June 14 in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi. Today, the trailer launch event for the Yakshini web series was held in Hyderabad. On this occasion:

Producer Prasad Devineni said, This is the second series we are doing with Disney Plus Hotstar after Parampara. Yakshini impresses with themes like romance, comedy, and drama. Disney gave us a lot of creative freedom, and we extended that freedom to the Yakshini team in terms of budget. This series is completely director Teja Marnis vision. I want to thank our Arka team and the Disney team. Yakshini has excellent casting, and everyone performed superbly. We hope it will be even more successful than our previous series. We have also started planning for Yakshini season 2.

Actress Manchu Lakshmi said, I will be seen in the character of Jwala in the Yakshini web series. When I read this script, I thought, who else could play this character but me? Every day on set was a new experience. I feel this series was meant for me. It was great working with Arka Media and Disney. Vedhika was very disciplined with her diet, and Ajays presence alone would elevate the performance. All my fellow artists had to compete with him. Rahul Vijays father and my father made films together, and now we are happy to do this series together. I dont wait for someone to give me opportunities; I create opportunities. Thats why I stay busy with various projects like series and shows. Yakshini will impress you. Be sure to check it out.

Actor Ajay said, Web series are a boon for actors. They provide a chance to understand a role deeply and perform to the best of our abilities. We can connect with those characters for a long time. Yakshini gave me such an opportunity. Commercial web series with fantasy elements are rare in Telugu. Yakshini explores this genre. This series will give a good feel to the audience. You can see the confidence on the faces of our entire team. After Virupaksha, I received many offers for sorcerer characters, but I rejected them all. In Yakshini, I played a role somewhat close to that.

Hero Rahul Vijay said, Teja Marni and I worked together on Kota Bommali. At that time, he told me about the Hotstar series. I felt very happy to do the series with Arka Media, Hotstar, and Teja Marni. I got excited when I heard the script, but I had little knowledge of Puranas, which was intimidating. There was some doubt about how our director would handle the sociofantasy to appeal to everyone, but after seeing the output, it seemed that this series would surely impress the audience. Teja Marni has beautifully designed Yakshini. We are confident in the success of the Yakshini series.

Heroine Vedhika said, I am happy to make a digital entry with the Yakshini web series in Arka Media, which has done a project like Baahubali, memorable in world cinema. My thanks to the Arka team and Disney team. There are many shades in this script written by Vamsi. He took several months to write it. There is a lot of depth and variation in the characters. Yakshini is very special in everyones career. Every day of shooting was challenging. All our team members gave their best efforts. I gave my best efforts. Our director Teja Marni has a lot of clarity towards making. I feel lucky to be a part of such a series. It has thrill, romance, and action. Family audiences will enjoy it. I enjoyed working with Lakshmi, Ajay, and Rahul Vijay.

Director Teja Marni said, Making a movie is very different from making a series. While a movie is told in two and a half hours, each episode in the series has to be designed uniquely. In each episode, two or three scenes should be exciting. I learned a lot as a director in the process of making Yakshini. This is my first web series. I am happy to do this series with a big banner like Arka. Writer Ram Vamsi Krishna has been with me since my first movie Johar. He scripted Yakshini with a sociofantasy line. In short, a fairy who came to earth due to a curse from the world called Alakapuri, even if she kills a hundred people, is not free from the curse. The story of this series is about how she kills those hundred people and who the 100th person is. I found a wonderful team. When Manchu Lakshmi was doing scenes with makeup and ropes, she was afraid to go near but was very supportive. Vedhika was very clear while doing every scene. She used to make notes before and after the scene. It took a few hours for her makeup. She worked very patiently. My thanks to the entire team of Yakshini.