Bubblegum Movie Review

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Bubblegum Movie Review

Bubblegum Movie Poster

Bubblegum Movie Poster

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Bubblegum” is a Telugu-language movie directed by Ravikanth Perepu. The film is produced under the banners of Maheshwari Movies and People Media Factory. It features Roshan Kanakala and Maanasa Choudhary in lead roles, with Harsha Cheemudu, Kiran G, Anannya Akulaa, and others in supporting roles. The cinematography is done by Suresh Ragutu, the music is composed by Sricharan Pakala, and the editing by Nishad Yusuf.

Despite being a debutant, Roshan is a second-generation actor, being the son of the famous anchor Suma Kanakala and actor Rajeev Kanakala. The filmmakers executed extensive promotional activities, and the trailer has also garnered attention from the audience. Let’s see how the movie unfolds.

Story :

Adi, a middle-class guy from Hyderabad aspiring to be a DJ, falls for Jhanvi, a well-off girl who plans to study abroad. As their relationship blossoms, a misunderstanding at Jhanvi’s birthday party leads to Adi’s humiliation. Seeking revenge for the false accusations, Adi faces challenges in his quest for justice. The movie explores themes of love, betrayal, and redemption, leaving the audience to wonder whether Adi and Jhanvi’s love can withstand the trials or if they will part ways. To uncover the fate of Adi Gol, you’ll have to catch this intriguing story on screen.

Analysis :

The movie unfolds as a typical love story, focusing on a young man in Hyderabad navigating the challenges of growing up. The initial half smoothly weaves together romantic moments between the lead characters and lighthearted scenes featuring the hero’s friends and father at home. The plot takes an unexpected turn at the interval, introducing an insult directed at the protagonist, injecting anticipation into how the hero will respond in the second half.

While the early part of the second half maintains engagement, the latter section becomes somewhat convoluted and drawn out, culminating in a climax that lacks a clear resolution. Despite this, the film successfully integrates humor, particularly through the interactions between the hero and his father, the hero and friends, and the inclusion of Viva Harsha. These comedic elements are complemented by well-executed romantic and emotional scenes, contributing to the overall narrative texture.

In his debut as a hero, Roshan Kanakala delivers a commendable performance, effectively portraying a quintessential local Hyderabadi boy. The heroine, Manasa Chaudhary, impresses with both her beauty and acting prowess. Chaitu Jonnalagadda, in the role of Roshan’s father, brings a delightful blend of humor and emotional depth. Viva Harsha adds to the humor with his portrayal of a madman, and Kiran Maccha and Ananya Sai, playing the hero’s friends, contribute sporadic comedic moments. Despite certain narrative complexities, the film manages to entertain through its mix of romance, comedy, and emotion.

Highs :

  • First half
  • Comedy scenes
  • Direction
  • Performances

Lows :

  • Lag in the second half
  • Routine story
  • Weak songs

Technical Aspects :

The music by Sreecharan Pakala is a positive aspect of the movie “Bubblegum.” However, when it comes to the songs, it feels like they might not have a lasting impact after a single listen. The camera visuals are well-presented, fitting seamlessly with the scenes. Director Ravikant Perepu, who already has a good reputation for his previous films, maintains his success in directing this movie. Despite his success, there seems to be some confusion in the story and narration. The second half could have been better crafted. The fight scenes are straightforward, catering to Roshan’s age and the fact that he is a new hero.

Verdict :

Overall, much like how bubblegum is sweet at first but loses its taste with continued chewing, this film starts strong but ends up being just average. Overall, it appears that Roshan has put in considerable effort to deliver a new and engaging love story. It’s a decent option for a weekend watch, mainly due to the performances of newcomers and the inclusion of some funny scenes.


Movie Title: Bubblegum

Banners: Maheshwari Movies, People Media Factory

Release Date: 29-12-2023

Censor Rating: “U/A”

Cast: Roshan Kanakala, Maanasa Choudhary, Harsha Chemudu, Kiran G, Anannyaa Akulaa

Directed by: Ravikanth Perepu

Music: Sricharan Pakala

Cinematography: Suresh Ragutu

Editor: Nishad Yusuf

Producers: Maheshwari Movies, People Media Factory

Nizam Distributor: Global Cinemas

Runtime:-148 minutes