Gaami Movie First Look Poster Launched

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Gaami Movie First Look Poster Launched

Mass ka Das Vishwak Sen, Vidyadhar Kagita, Karthik Sabareesh, V Celluloids GAAMI First Look Unveiled

Mass Ka Das Vishwak Sen is an ambitious star who has made a big impression in the audience in his short career. Besides doing regular commercial entertainers, he is also experimenting with unique concepts. His next film, GAAMI directed by Vidyadhar Kagita and produced by Karthik Sabareesh on Karthik Kult Kreations is one such most ambitious projects. V Celluloid presents the movie which is tipped to be an adventure drama. The movie is funded by the crowd.

Meanwhile, the makers kick-started the promotions by unveiling the stunning first look poster at Hyderabad Comic con. Vishwak Sen amazes us in the get-up of an Aghora. While we see his character wrapped in a ragged desi black attire, he is surrounded by many Aghoras who try to touch him. The poster is a spine-chilling one and has a dark mysterious feel to it. It can generate a lot of curiosity among the viewers.

Makers also announced that in this film Vishwak sen plays an Aghora named shankar, who has very rare condition- an inability to experience any human touch. The Tagline on the poster, “His biggest fear, is human touch… His deepest desire, is also human touch” emphasises the depth of that character emotional conflict.
Director vidyadhar added that “In the film- in addition to the Aghora setup, there are two different setups and other characters, and they would be unveiled down the line of promotions”

Chandini Chowdary of Colour Photo fame is the leading lady, while M G Abhinaya, Harika Pedada, and Mohammad Samad are the prominent cast.

The movie has cinematography by Vishwanath Reddy and Rampy Nandigam, music by Naresh Kumaran, and the screenplay was written by Vidyadhar Kagita and Pratyush Vatyam.

The makers will soon announce the films release date.

Cast :-

Vishwak Sen, Chandini Chowdary, M G Abhinaya, Harika Pedada and Mohammad Samad

Technical Crew:-

Director:- Vidyadhar Kagita
Producer:- Karthik Sabareesh
Editor:- Raghavendra Thirun
Music:- Naresh Kumaran
DOP:- Vishwanath Reddy