Hero Akash Interview

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Hero Akash Interview

Sarkaaru Noukari is a good film with emotion, entertainment and message Hero Akash

Famous singer Sunitas son Akash is introduced as the hero in the film Sarkaru Naukari. Bhavana is playing the heroine in this movie. Sarkaru Naukari is being produced by director Raghavendra Rao under the banner of RK Tele Show. Directed by Gangnamoni Shekhar. The movie Sarkaru Naukari is grandly releasing in the theaters on January 1 on the occasion of New Year. As part of promotions, hero Akash told the highlights of the movie.

My mother is a famous singer and I do not have to follow the profession of my parents. I have loved acting since childhood. I used to watch Chiranjeevi sirs movies a lot. I also went to dance classes. My desire to become an actor was strong. If I had told this to my mother during school days, she would have told that I still have a lot of time to try in films. After completing my studies in Delhi, I told about my dream at home. I said that it is not whether I will succeed as a hero or not but at least I will try. She understood that I have made my decision.

I did an acting course for two and a half months at Mayukha Institute of Utkej. I used to meet young writers and directors. I made contacts ahead of opportunities. In this order, director Shekhar told about the story. I heard the story of Sarkaaru Noukari together with my mother. I liked the story when I heard it. Because I like content oriented movies. I didnt want my first movie to be action, drama, comedy, message. I didnt want it to be in a particular genre. I just wanted to launch with a good film.

In the 90s, the epidemic AIDS entered our country. At that time, there was no understanding of how this disease spreads, how it comes, and if condoms are used, AIDS can be prevented. In such a time, many government employees tried to create awareness about AIDS among the people. But people didnt believe what they say. The film shows the efforts made by the government employees. The plot of the movie Sarkaaru Noukari is about what kind of conflict a government employee faced in the course of spreading awareness about AIDS and the use of condoms to the rural people, how he reached his goal and what is the other strong reason he had to spread awareness. The director has prepared the story with the inspiration of real events.

The story of Sarkaaru Noukari has all the emotion, entertainment and message. This is not just a message oriented movie. My character has work ethics and aim to make people aware. It will be interesting how my friends and my wife reacted to my job at the same time. Now the society is aware about AIDS. But once there wasnt any awareness of this disease in rural areas. We are showing cinematically how people used to react even when told about it. Today everyone is aware of sanitary pads. However, Akshay Kumar made a film called Pad Man in Bollywood. The movie was loved by all the audience. We have made this movie by combining real incidents that happened in our society with fiction.

To prove myself as an actor, a story like Sarkaaru Noukari seemed right for a debut movie. There are all kinds of emotions in my character. I want to act in commercial films as well.

I will never forget in my life being launched as a hero by the hands of director Raghavendra Rao garu. Many stars like Venkatesh, Tabu, Mahesh, Allu Arjun were introduced through his hands. If my name is included in the list of such people, it is a good luck. I love Raghavendra Rao garus movies. He said that Akash is Sunithas boy and Akash is my responsibility. I got emotional with that one word.

Amma shed tears during the teaser launch. Amma and I felt very proud that I was working with big people like Raghavendra Rao garu and Tanikella Bharani garu. Amma wants the audience to recognize that I can act well and that my film should be a hit. I have listened to some scripts now and hasnt accepted any project yet.